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The Spinet

The Spinet is a premium fidget spinner that was designed in 2016 for the brand Fidgetry, with the objective of being high performing, comfortable and elegant. 

The Spinet has proved to be a timeless piece of design, which helped raise the initial excitement of the fidget spinner craze in 2017 and later became an ideal collectors item amongst ''everyday carry'' fans. 

Spinet Pro Sketches 03.jpg
Model Making POP

1. Rough sketch models were made to get a feel on size and functionality. 

2. A wooden model with metal inserts to get a better understanding on weight distribution and performance.

3. Manufacture sample for final form and refinement.


4. Metal 3D printed futuristic design.

Prototypes Cutting board crop.jpg
Sketching Spinet & Prototypes.jpg
Spinet Pro Main Body rev01.jpg
Engineer Drawings
Spinet Pro Exploded edit.jpg
Creative redesign

Customer feedback for the original Spinet revealed certain maintenance problems, as well as highlighted functional preferences.


In the most cost effective way, the feedback was taken on board and the Spinet was improved, resulting in a dramatic increase in sales.

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