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Chirpy is a unique user experience water jug that sings like a bird when pouring. Giving the audience a calming sound of being surrounded by nature. 

Designing the whistling cap

This was a redesign of an already existing product which required functional and aesthetic solutions. Additionally, subtle design changes of the internal chamber were necessary to achieve the desired acoustics of the whistling cap. 


- Sound acoustics must replicate that of a small bird

- Elegant aesthetics

- Robust against dropping

- Screw cap

- User friendly snap disassembly for cleaning

Chirpy Sketches All Edit 01.jpg
Chirpy Sketches Clip feature 01.png

The Chirpy bottle has been a process of aesthetics, acoustics, and manufacturability. 

Final Design
cap 3D printing tests 02.jpg
Chirpy Purple Scenario 01.jpg
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