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Extensive research was conducted in the home accessory consumer market, revealing a large market potential for wall hooks, clamps and holders. However no product had yet combined all three features in one unit...

Designing the hook clamp

This was very much a form followed function product. Combining the hook and the clamp feature was the easy part, but making it to be elegant without jeopardising the function did make this assignment interesting. 


- A hook feature to hang accessories on

- A clamp feature to grip onto cylinder handles

- Easy wall glue application

- Optional wall screw application

 - Aesthetically elegant and smooth

- Include self levelling tool

Chrome Neaterly Sketch 02 Edit.png

After various amounts of sketching, POP models, 3D printed prototypes, we finally achieved an elegantly smooth chrome product, integrated with a hook, holder and clamp. 

Designed to be simplistic but useful in many ways, Neaterly can be mounted to any wall and organise a variety of house hold objects. 

Designing for manufacture became quite the challenge. Not only in terms of surface modelling it's organic rounded form, but also adding the necessary draft angles for mould separation.  

Split Line Front View.jpg

Get organised with Neaterly, a product that fits in any room of the house. Now sold globally by Chrome Cherry.  

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