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Lap Shield

Whether it's on our daily commute, evening exercise ride, or weekend cruise, the weather can change in an instant and getting wet in unexpected rainfall is an issue all cyclists deal with.

The Lap Shield solves every cyclist’s wet lap problem.  Simply attach to your handlebars and unfold when needed - it’s that easy.

01 BJacket LS Perspec 01 Cropped Rain ed
Designing the lap cover

The shape and compatibility function went through a series of alterations and tests. The source of inspiration for the final design came from collapsible wire rimmed hats. Which concluded its parabolic framework and packed away disk.


- Protects riders lap the most exposed region to rainfall

- Pack away compactly and neatly when not in use

- Robust to withstand oncoming winds

- Ergonomic to suit both female and male riders

- Waterproof

Sketches - Lap cover
Sketches White BG edit 02.jpg
Designing the mounting device

The main challenge was designing the mounting device. Which had to attach to various shaped and angled handlebars. 


- Pivoting feature to fit various angled bike stems

- A firm and secure fastener to handlebars

- Completely plastic to reduce costs

- Adjustable to fit any handlebar diameter 

Sketches - Mechanism
All Mount Design Sketches 01.jpg
CAD - Mechanism

These were the results from a session in the rain. 

On the left shows that even after 10 minutes in the rain you can have an uncomfortable look about oneself. 

On the right is obvious proof that Lap Shield succeeds in protecting the most exposed part of your legs to rain. 

Test Results
Folding Mechanism
P04 Side Ride Rain 02-01.png
How it works
The area Lap Shield protects

Whilst cycling, rain hits the rider at an angle. This is why the lap region always gets soaked, even in the lightest of rainfall.  When Lap Shield is installed it protects the rider’s lap region and gives some protection to the lower legs and feet.

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