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The Fidget Flipper

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Sapien Designs went on a mission to help Fidgetry produce their next product.


The Fidget Flipper, designed to be the worlds simplest fidget toy that can slide onto any pen and allow the user to fidget discretely. 

You can pop it, click it, roll it or flick it. 

You can see the campaign here.

Fidget Flipper Sketches & POP.jpg

Research was conducted around when, how and what people fidgeted with and it turned out that pens was a common item that people possessed whilst fidgeting.    

Inspired by a suction cup, the Fidget Flipper became an extension of any pen or pencil to satisfy that fidgeting habit discretely and quietly. 

Fidget Flipper in store Edit.jpg

The Fidget Flipper is now sold globally online, on the Fidgetry website and on Amazon. 

Further wholesale deals are currently in discussion.

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