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Ingenious Inflatables

Ingenious Inflatables is the leading company for designing bespoke inflatable structures and products.


Dominic's role was a mixture of concept creation and rendering for clients and liaising with manufacturers  for production.

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Concept render designs for Ferrari to showcase their cars in different locations. 

The hybrid structure of both inflatable and hard scaffold, provide a great solution for car showcase tours.


Ingenious inflatables was contracted by Harrods to help design their Christmas parade blimps. 

A process that Dominic CAD modelled in Rhino and took it right through to manufacture. 

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Ingenious inflatables was hired by Ardbeg to help design their promotional Whiskey sales pop up. Giving customers the experience of tasting flavours with vapes. 

A process that Dominic CAD modelled in Rhino and rendered in 3DMax to show design and in context scenarios.

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